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Technology Stack

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How Can I Join?

As Idea Owner

Convert your Idea into a proven Concept by using our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Development. Get Tractions, create Pitch Deck, meet your future Investors and build a new Startup. All will be done in an experience by empowering Empathy through Technology in App Development

As Developers

We would love to welcome new members, either you are Front-End Developers, Back-End Developers, Mobile Developers, Data Engineer, Data Scientist and also UI/UX Designer in our team. Check our updates recently or subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates about Opportunties

By Knowledge Sharing

Through sharing our knowledge only we can improve ours. Bi-weekly Technology Sharing is held regularly at Rumah Aplikasi. Do you have new / existing technology to share with our Developers? Your are most welcome here

The Space

About Us

Rumah Aplikasi main mission is to
empower Empathy through Technology Engagement
in Application development.
Supported by the Nature where we see wonders,
Knowledge Sharing happens through App Discussion and Development,
Engineering-Show, App Release as few of our routine activities

Some come with ideas, some come with skills, some come with knowledge to share
and to collaborate in application development

Let see if our vision and mission connect with yours.

  • Branding

    Branding includes Logo Development, Stationaries, Letterhead, and how you apply your Identity on different media platforms.

  • Engine

    Your Engine determines the Performance on how your Application handles Queries, Uploads, Downloads, Security, and any User Actions

  • Publishing

    Publishing relates to Inform your User Target about how your Application can help them. Create Social Engagement to increase your Brand Awareness

  • Maintenance

    To support User / Members Growth, your application will need Database Optimization, UI/UX Improvements and Environment Upgrade. We are talking when you have 10,000 unique visitors daily